Aruba – Island Full of Memories

Aruba is connected to the name ‘Ora Ruba’- in Spanish, which means ‘Red Gold’. The numerous windmills, beautiful city architecture, customs, lifestyle, noisy nightlife all display the mark of Dutch culture. In addition to its pretty blue sky, natural beaches, clean and bright roads mark Aruba with a beauty that pulls in tourists to its cradle all year round from worldwide destinations. For a real Caribbean holiday, you should head to Aruba.


This bright picturesque town is the capital city of Aruba and has a distinct mark of Dutch influence which has manifested in the buildings of colonial architecture with its distinctive gabled roofs, many tiny cafes, and bars. Their local churches are particularly impressive at the background of the colorful Hamanota Mountains that are more like hills in their height. Aruba also holds the first Christian religious building which is the Chapel of Alto Vista.


Located in the North West and Eastern edges of Aruba are the best places for surfing and kiteboarding. The beaches located on the South Western side are much calmer and are frequented by travelers who look for relaxation and swimming. All beaches, however, are stunning and striped with some of the best restaurants and eateries in the area. The most popular beaches in Aruba are the Palm Beach, famous for its idyllic activities; Baby Beach is known for its tranquil scenic luxuries; and Eagle beach for its serene surroundings. The Havana Beach and the Roger Beach are also worth a mention. The Coral reef in the island is a significant draw to Aruba travelers.

National Park Arikok

In the park, you can find a vast range of natural and historical attractions, ranging from petroglyphs in Fontaine cave to the Dutch colonial settlement in Masiduri, the building of the old plantation in Prince Valley, or the ruins of the gold mines in Miramar. Explorers also look for hints of adventure in their holidays can flock to Arikok National Park for hiking trails. The park is known for its fantastic collection of exotic wildlife species. Among other sports activities which are also available for indulging your days are golf, tennis, and horse-riding.

San Nicolas

This is a relatively modern town, which differs from the other settlements of the island and has a visible British influence. The Charlie Bar is a small museum, which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world to the city. Other noteworthy places include the Evangelical Church, the Church of St. Teresita, and many picturesque old houses. There is one more popular spot Lourdes Catholic chapel, north-east of San Nicolas. This carved stone cave was founded to honor the appearance of the Virgin to a local woman.

Aruba Island is not all water but has beautiful lands too. It has loads of land attractions such as California Lighthouse, the Donkey Sanctuary, Ostrich Farm, and the Butterfly Farm, whereas they also have the selection to go and see the sights of Fontein or Guadirikiri, Huliba caves. Educational attractions are also present in Aruba Island such as antiquity, Archeological, and Numismatic museums.